Wednesday, 7 February 2007

New Favourite Numbers

Well - let me just say that my lack of posts in recent days is not indicative of a lack of words written.....
I am away from my novel-writing station so I can not be exact, but would estimate my current word count at around 88,000!!! I really am on the home straight now with just a few more scenes to write!
And what is more impressive (in my humble opinion!) is the fact that I managed it despite a hectic social calendar over the last few days - ending with my very first trip to the dogs last night. On my father's advice (he has worked in horse-racing all his life) I stuck to the same two numbers - 1 and 6 - on a 'reverse forecast' all night. After eight races (and EIGHT losses) I was about to give up when my numbers finally came up, netting me £15.05! (Last of the big betters....and we won't mention the fact that I had already shelled out 12 squid...)
Anyway - frivolities over - I will be knuckling down tonight and totting up a few more words.