Wednesday, 7 February 2007

New Favourite Numbers

Well - let me just say that my lack of posts in recent days is not indicative of a lack of words written.....
I am away from my novel-writing station so I can not be exact, but would estimate my current word count at around 88,000!!! I really am on the home straight now with just a few more scenes to write!
And what is more impressive (in my humble opinion!) is the fact that I managed it despite a hectic social calendar over the last few days - ending with my very first trip to the dogs last night. On my father's advice (he has worked in horse-racing all his life) I stuck to the same two numbers - 1 and 6 - on a 'reverse forecast' all night. After eight races (and EIGHT losses) I was about to give up when my numbers finally came up, netting me £15.05! (Last of the big betters....and we won't mention the fact that I had already shelled out 12 squid...)
Anyway - frivolities over - I will be knuckling down tonight and totting up a few more words.

Wednesday, 31 January 2007

The Home Straight

Breaking News:

I have just begun writing the very last day of the plot. It will take a while as a fair bit is going to happen, but this is a hugely exciting moment!

I shouldn't be too excited as I know I have a lot of work on the editing side, but still - a whole novel....


Monday, 22 January 2007

Back on track...for now

Well...after an appalling week, I have redeemed myself over the weekend, clocking up around 4,000 words - although, a few of those were scribbled in a notepad during my lunch hours at work.
It is an even bigger achievement given that American Idol was on telly - the part of the series where anyone and everyone thinks they are going to be the next big thing, despite not being able to sing a note. Do they reaslly think that? Or do they just want to get on the telly?!
Anyway, I am fast approaching the end of the plot now, and am finding that I am kind of rushing it a bit, and there is a lot I am not happy with. But I am keen to finish so that I can start the editing process. Does anyone else find that happens towards the end?
At the same time, though, it is a tremendous rush to know I have almost finished writing a novel! Yes, parts of it might be absolutely dire and yes, it might need a lot of work. But I have done it (nearly) and how many people say they are going to write a novel and don't even start?!
I pat myself on the back.
And now I must get on with it.

Wednesday, 17 January 2007

Not enough hours in the day...

I know we all use this excuse all the time, but this week there really aren't enough hours in the day.
I was out Monday night, out Tuesday night and I'm out again tonight. When am I supposed to contribute towards my 5,000 word target for this week?!
I did sneak in a few pages worth of scribble in a notepad during my lunch hour yesterday so I guess its not all doom and gloom.
Of course I could always get up a bit earlier in the mornings, but I don't think there is any point in kidding myself that I will actually do it...
Has anybody got any spare hours I can buy off them?!

Monday, 15 January 2007

So far so good...

70,000 words.
70,000 words.
It gives me a buzz every time I say it. Because that’s 70,000 words more than I had this time last year.
I was looking for a bit of motivation to see me through to the finish line when I stumbled upon the Novel Race on Kate Harrison’s website.
It worked.
Since emailing Kate I have written another 5,000 words.
75,000 words.
If I keep it up I could have the first draft finished in 5 weeks time!
And then, as I know from all the ‘how to write a book’ books I have read, the hard work really starts. Editing! Bring it on…