Wednesday, 17 January 2007

Not enough hours in the day...

I know we all use this excuse all the time, but this week there really aren't enough hours in the day.
I was out Monday night, out Tuesday night and I'm out again tonight. When am I supposed to contribute towards my 5,000 word target for this week?!
I did sneak in a few pages worth of scribble in a notepad during my lunch hour yesterday so I guess its not all doom and gloom.
Of course I could always get up a bit earlier in the mornings, but I don't think there is any point in kidding myself that I will actually do it...
Has anybody got any spare hours I can buy off them?!

1 comment:

liz fenwick said...

Try setting a lower target and you may find that you acheived much more! Somtimes no writing time is exactly what you need. It give your mind a chance to work thing out so that when you next sit down its all there.