Monday, 22 January 2007

Back on track...for now

Well...after an appalling week, I have redeemed myself over the weekend, clocking up around 4,000 words - although, a few of those were scribbled in a notepad during my lunch hours at work.
It is an even bigger achievement given that American Idol was on telly - the part of the series where anyone and everyone thinks they are going to be the next big thing, despite not being able to sing a note. Do they reaslly think that? Or do they just want to get on the telly?!
Anyway, I am fast approaching the end of the plot now, and am finding that I am kind of rushing it a bit, and there is a lot I am not happy with. But I am keen to finish so that I can start the editing process. Does anyone else find that happens towards the end?
At the same time, though, it is a tremendous rush to know I have almost finished writing a novel! Yes, parts of it might be absolutely dire and yes, it might need a lot of work. But I have done it (nearly) and how many people say they are going to write a novel and don't even start?!
I pat myself on the back.
And now I must get on with it.


liz fenwick said...

Sezzie, i found i rushed to the end of August Rock. It showed in the writing but it was to put right. Once you can step back from the work as a whole you can clearly see what the rush did! However the buzz of getting to the end is incrediable even if the last been is well....take the energy and push through......keep notes of things you might want to put in later.

You are doing really well.

Sezzie said...

Thanks Liz

That's great to hear.

Yes - I am keeping lots of notes.

Thanks for all your words of wisdom - they are a great help!

Lucy Diamond said...

You are doing brilliantly - that final strait is my favourite bit of the whole process I think, when you're starting to wrap everything up. The adrenaline of getting so far will see you through to the finish line I'm sure!

I'm onto my third novel now and previously I've found it really useful to print out the finished first draft and then leave it in a drawer or hidden away for a month or so, just to give you some distance from it. It really helps to be able to come back to it after a break, so that you can read it with fresh eyes.

Good luck!