Sunday, 29 September 2013

The Park Bench Test is Up and Running!

So...quite a bit has happened since my last post.
I've celebrated my daughter's 3rd birthday - quite where those 3 years went, I don't know. Nearly tore my hair out with the Hello Kitty birthday cake!
I've been on holiday - 2 weeks in Gran Canaria with the hubby and kiddiwinks! Much needed rest and relaxation!
And I've realised (once again) that I have the best mum in the world - who came and stayed while we were away and spring-cleaned my entire house!! AND not forgetting my dad who painted the cloakroom!
Oh yes......and I have had a BOOK LAUNCH!
The Park Bench Test is now officially out there folks, and already getting great reviews. It came out on the fourth day of my holiday - so, needless to say, I celebrated with an All Inclusive cocktail and a bottle of champagne presented to me during the evening entertainment!
On the day of the launch I appeared in my local paper too - The Basingstoke Gazette - so all very exciting!

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Daisy Hill said...

So glad I found you from last night! Nice to find a fellow Basingstokian. Will definitely be reading your book :-)