Monday, 18 November 2013


Written Fireside is Lori Connelly’s brilliant idea. A variety of authors gather around the virtual fire for a month and pass a story along across their blogs.
This is my second Written Fireside contribution. I think my husband is hankering after a go as he always enjoys brainstorming with me!
This month's story was started by Lori earlier this month and I join in with part 2.

Part 1 by Lori Connelly Tuesday November 12th

Part 2

“Let me make you a warm drink,” Beth said, letting go of Walter’s hand and getting to her feet.

“How about a mug of cocoa to warm you up?”

“I don’t want to put you to any more trouble than I already have,” Walter said. “I should be going.”

"Nonsense,” Beth said. “You don’t even know what happened to your face. I’d never forgive myself if I sent you back out into the cold now. Wait here, I’ll be right back.”

In the kitchen Beth poured milk into a pan and lit the stove before taking two mugs from a cupboard. She wasn’t quite sure how she was going to help Walter. He didn’t seem to know how he’d even got here. If Matthew had been here he’d know what to do. But he wasn’t. She’d made sure of that last night. When would she ever learn to keep her mouth shut?

She poured the warm milk into the mugs and stirred in the cocoa.

“Here you are Walter,” she said, pulling a small coffee table over to him and placing the drink down on it.

He looked distant. As though his mind were somewhere else entirely.

“Did you slip in the snow, Walter?” she asked gently.

He shook his head, shrugged his shoulders. He had no idea, the poor man.

“Perhaps you were driving?” she ventured. “Maybe you had an accident?”

“Were you mugged?” she tired, looking again at the cut above his eye. That could have been caused by a blow to the head.

“No,” he said hesitantly. “I don’t think so.”

He reached into his coat pocket. Pulled out a leather wallet.

“My wallet’s still here,” he said. “So I guess not.”

He rubbed his hand over the soft leather, the confused look back on his face.

He opened it up to reveal a photograph. A woman. The same sort of age as Walter.

“Is that Rose?” Beth asked.

“No. No, that’s not my Rose.”

“Who is it then Walter?”

“I don’t know who this is.”

To be continued.... 

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Lori Connelly said...

Wonderful Sarah. I'm left wondering who is Matthew and why he would know what to do.

Mandy said...

Oooo it's intriguing!!